mechanical animals


portrait of an american family
antichrist superstar
remix and repent
mechanical animals
the last tour on earth
holy wood (in the shadow of the valley of death)
smells like children


01. The Great Big White World
02. The Dope Show
03. Mechanical Animals
04. Rock Is Dead
05. Disassociative
06. The Speed Of Pain
07. Posthuman
08. I Want To Disappear09. I Don't Like The Drugs
(But The Drugs Like Me)
10. User Friendly
11. New Model No. 15
12. Fundamentally Loathsome
13. The Last Day On Earth
14. Coma White



limited edition mechanical animals 2LP vinyl set
LP 1:
01. Disassociative
02. The Speed of Pain
03. Mechanical Animals
04. Posthuman
05. Great Big White World
06. Coma White
07. the last day on earth

LP 2:
08. The Dope Show
09. Rock is Dead
10. Fundamentally Loathsome
11. I Want to Disappear
12. New Model No. 15
13. User Friendly
14. I Don't Like the Drugs
(But the Drugs Like Me)

released in 1998,UK


mechanical animals 2cd set
CD 1:
Same as the regular
"Mechanical Animals" CD.

01. The Dope Show VIDEO
02. Sweet Dreams
(Are Made of This) VIDEO
03. The Beautiful People VIDEO

released in 1998,Asia


limited edition mechanical animals, with comic book

released in 1998,germany
same tracks as normal version