Marilyn Manson has never been afraid to voice his opinions.When the Reverend speaks,you can not avoid listening.His sermons have a way of putting a spell on you.

"The most outrageous thing I could imagine is putting on a pair of jeans and going to the shopping mall for my lunch"

"I was never afraid of what was under the bed.I wanted it and I never got it.I just became it"

"Society has traditionally always tried to find scapegoats for its problems.Well here I am."

"I'm everything they're afraid of.Everything they hate.Everything they try and hide,and a lot more"

"Besides,I speak my mind and show people what's out there in reality"

"I never said to be like me,I say to be like you and make a difference"

"After our first record,which so many people thought was bombastic and offensive,I thought one of the more shocking things I could do would be to cover a eurythmics song."

"It's my duty to be as ugly and as filthy as I am,so the audience can experience what I have"

"What good would Marilyn Manson be if no one hated Marilyn Manson."

"What I've decided to do is accept the role of fallen angel"

"Anything I say or do,I try to make very extreme in whatever way,whether it's positive or negitive,so if the reaction is the same,that makes me happy."

"I live this life.I'm stuck in this life.I don't exactly know how to describe it,but Marilyn Manson is a 24-hour thing.It's not something I can turn off."

"I"ve gone to great lengths to modify my body in different ways,whetherit's been through coloring,scarification,plastic surgery,all sorts of things,to make myself less of what I used to be."

"I think that'God' and'Satan' are just two words like 'Marilyn' and 'Manson'."

"I think the reaction we get toward our name is a great statement about America.I've rarely had people ask me about my interest in Marilyn Monroe,yet they always gravitate toward the darker half"

Marilyn is real. I wake up and I am Marilyn. --Marilyn Manson

NO WE ARE NOT DEVIL WORSHIPPERS!!! I've never been and never will be a satan worshipper or someone who worships a devil. --Marilyn Manson (so he doesnt have to repeat this in ever interview just except it!!!)

Good and evil go hand in hand, you can't seperate them. --Marilyn Manson

I read all the great philosophers but most people just hear what they want to hear and it makes it easy for them to brand us devil worshippers. --Marilyn Manson

Thinking for yourself - that's scarier than any devil image. --Marilyn Manson

I'm not a believer of the "perfect world" TV tries to feed us. --Marilyn Manson

For me it's very important to express my thoughts, the pictures I carry inside of me, maybe because it's important to get them out... --Marilyn Manson

A story might sell if there's a headline like 'Marilyn Manson admits to being Satanic', all the little hypocrites will go and buy the magazine, read about what evil, weird people we are and will feel better about themselves. --Marilyn Manson

People love to judge, as long as they have somebody else to judge they don't give in and answer with hate would drag me down, it would simply put me into the same position they are, I don't believe that their position is an enviable one! --Marilyn Manson

You can't force someone to see the truth, just like you can't force a blind man to see. --Marilyn Manson

"A piece of paper or a piece of cloth doesn't mean anything. It's what you believe. And I want people to think about what they believe. I want them to consider if everything they've been taught, if that's what they want to believe or if that's what they've been told that they have to believe." -Marilyn Manson

On the bible: "I like it as a book. Just like I like "The Cat In The Hat." -Marilyn Manson

"It's when you take away things that kids enjoy is when you cause problems for them ,you know, people always think that heavy metal, or rock and roll has always been the source of the problem, but it's when you start to deprive them of that, it's when they start to get bitter." -Marilyn Manson

"Find out what's really out there. I never said to be like me, I say be like you and make a difference." -Marilyn Manson

"People are very surprised to hear me say that a lot of my values are Christian values. I think that's part of my shock. I just don't like the way that Christianity combined with the influence of television has bred a nation of weakness. Christian television do get the facts wrong sometimes and the image they portray turns most people off." -Marilyn Manson

"I don't want people to mis-conceive me as a spokesperson for the Church of Satan." -Marilyn Manson

"I view my job as being someone who is supposed to piss people off. I don't want to be just one-of-the-guys. I don't want to be just a smiling face you see on television presenting some vapid kind of easily-digestible garbage.This is rock and roll.I want to be a rock and roll star! Rock and roll is about shaking things up, making people act and react. That's what I do." -Marilyn Manson

"You do what I do because you want attention. I don't want to over-analyze what I do, but it probably is just a thinly-veiled cry for attention. I was just a kid 14 years old when I first started putting on my mom's makeup and wearing Halloween masks in the summer. I knew I was different, but it was also my way of getting noticed. All this stuff I'm today is really no different and no more harmful than that.I just want the world to know I'm here." -Marilyn Manson

"I don't want to view myself as some sort of taste maker. This isn't an act, this is me! I think that much of what I've done of the last few years has been grossly misinterpreted by those who can't get past the superficial aspects of the presentation. I want to at least hope there are some people out there that understand what this is all about. I push things to the limits and take so many chances because I understand that each and every day could be our last. Wouldn't you act differently right now if you knew that this could be the last day on earth? Well,I treat each and every day that way. The trick is to enjoy each and every day and squeeze every ounce that you can out of it. That is the true Marilyn Manson attitude." -Marilyn Manson

"The lyrics and ideals expressed on this album (Antichrist Superstar) are those of a character called Antichrist Superstar. I portray this character as does everyone else in America. Those who fail to admit this are the ones who will be afraid and offended." -Marilyn Manson

"So many people are afraid to enjoy life, they're too worried about thriving off their own suffering. They love to live in fear, wether its going to hell, the end of the world, AIDS, crime, whatever it's got to be, people love to be afraid. That's why they love to watch the news, they love to look at car crashes, or they love to listen to Marilyn Manson. People want their fear, so in return, I give it to them." -Marilyn Manson

"I fear being like everybody I hate, I fear failure, I fear losing control. I love balancing chaos and control with everything I do. I always have a fear of going one way or the other, getting lost in something, or loosing everything and not having something to get lost in... And I fear being a completely acceptable sheep in society." -Marilyn Manson

"Well, the idea, I was writing a lot of lyrics five or six years ago and the name Marilyn Manson, I thought really describes everything that I had to say, you know, male and female, beauty and ugliness, and it was just very American. It was a statement on the American culture, the power that we give to icons like Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson and since that's where it's always gone from there. It's about the paradox, uh, diametrically opposed archetypes." -Marilyn Manson