VaLeNtiNeS DaY


tHe LoVeSoNg
tHe FiGhTSoNg
DiSpOsAbLe TeEnS
TaRgEt AuDiAnCe
PrEsIdEnT DeAd
iN ThE ShAdOw Of ThE VaLLeY Of DeAtH
CrUcI FiCtIoN iN SpAcE
a pLaCe iN ThE DiRt
ThE NoBoDiEs
tHe NoBoDiEs
tHe DeAtH sOnG
LaMb Of GoD
bOrN AgAiN
BuRnInG fLaG
cOmA bLaCk
VaLeNtiNeS DaY
ThE FaLL oF AdAm
KiNg KiLL 33
CoUnT To SiX AnD Die

into/verse "she was the color of a t.v...."
E--1>--------------------------------- (repeat as necessary)

pre chorus "flies are waiting..."
E--1--4--3-1-3-1--/13--4--3-1-xxx (repeat)

"slit our wrists and send us to heaven..."
E--6---9--1>-----(repeat as well)