I want to make a statement to clarify to those too quick to judge or too stupid to understand what I said earlier this week. The persona of "Omega" has always been a satire and an exaggeration of what "commercial America" thinks a rock star should be and act. However, my album MECHANICAL ANIMALS has never at any point been insincere. I stand by those songs and every song I've written 100% and consider each to be a piece of a greater work. If being "Omega" managed to capture the attention of a few MTV viewers during a godforsaken, rockless year of rap-metal-hip-hop bullshit and I opened their minds just a crack, my job was done. So that way of thinking and the symbol OMEGA are dead. I have adopted the symbol of MERCURY and shed my skin once again to feed the fake. My name is still Marilyn Manson and I am here to stay and make each of you that fears, doubts, laughs at or hates me suffer as much as possible. Or at least rock.
Finally, for each critic or skeptical fan that casts harsh words of hatred or misunderstanding upon my change (as you have on each change), remember those words always come back on your own head. Sometimes in insults, sometimes with fists and sometimes with guns. I look forward to a new creative process and THANK the fans who I have never forsaken. Your support is my blood.
But I'd like to give a sincere FUCK YOU to those who criticize ANYONE who dares to do something different. I've only tried to open your minds.
Time for a riot,
The Third and Final Beast