AbOuT mE


hello kiddies and WELCOME to this wonderful site about me,mmmmm I haven't decided yet what to put on this site but i think about that later,FIRST i'm going to tell something about me,yaay this site sux already but i don't care,i made a site about marilyn manson too,that site is soooo kool(errr...?)great pics,tabs lyrics blablabla.sooooooo if you're a fan or just like the music go check it out and DONT forget to sign my guestbook.o damn i said i was going to tell something about ME ,didn't I?ehh yep i can't help changing subjects every 10 seconds,nevermind,i'll talk about myself later.what do people usually put on a personal site??eh o yeah pictures...well too bad ,we don't have a scanner,but you didn't want to see my pictures anyway,*LOL*,mmm not funny.oh yeah before i forget,please if you know me personally,hit your back button NOW and DON'T read any further,pleaaaaase because it's too embarissing,wow how do you write THAT?eehh nevermind.ok,so what can you do on my site?nothing at this moment(LOL)BUT when i'm finished there's a whole lot of kool stuff about my favourite bands,some stuff that i'm interested in and about me(duh).well if that isn't nice!errrr but now i'm going to stop with this shitty crap before you don't want to visit my site again,which i can imagine.sooooo enjoy my site and take a look around,last thing:please sign my guestbook while you're here.thanx lotte

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