AbOuT mE


mY MuSiC
mY MuSiC

HeRe Is A LiSt Of My Cd'S,PlZ NoTiCe ThAt I *DoN'T* LiKe AlL Of ThEm,I GoT SoMe FoR fReE
Or UsEd To liKe It A LOOOnG TiMe AgO


~~ Amen * We have come for your parents


~~ Break out! * Various artists


~~ Coal chamber *Coal chamber
~~ Coal chamber *Chamber music
~~ Cradle of filth *raredaemonaeon
~~ Cradle of filth *dusk and her embrace
~~ Cradle of filth *From the cradle to enslave
~~ The Cure * bloodflowers
~~ the Cure * desintegration


~~ Deftones * Adrenaline
~~ Deftones * Around the fur
~~ Deftones *White pony
~~ Disturbed * Coming down with the sickness


~~ Family values *Various artists
~~ Foo fighters * The colour and the shape
~~ Flemming * Demo


~~ Guano apes * Proud like a god
~~ Green lizard *demo
~~ Godhead * 2000 years of human error
~~ Greed *factures
~~ The Gathering *Nighttime birds
~~ Gorefest *Soul Survivor


~~ Hard force * various artists
~~ Hole *Celibrity Skin
~~ Hole *Live Through this


Incubus * Make yourself


Jack off jill * all songs at mp3 +
Jack Off Jill * Covetous Creature


Korn *korn
Korn *Life is peachy
Korn *Follow the leader
Korn *issues
Korn *all mixed up
Kittie * spit
K's choice * Paradise in me
K's choice * Cocoon crash
the Kovenant * aenematic


Life of agony *Ugly
Life of agony *River runs red
Best Live *various artists
Limp Bizkit *3 dollar bill y'all
Limp Bizkit *significant other
Life Sex & Death * the Silent Majority


Marilyn manson *portrait of an american family
Marilyn manson *smells like children
Marilyn manson *antichristsuperstar
Marilyn manson *mechanical animals
Marilyn manson *last tour on earth
Marilyn manson *holy wood
Marilyn manson * maxi lunchbox
Marilyn manson * maxi The dopeshow
Marilyn manson * maxi Disposable teens
Marilyn manson * maxi The fight song 2
Marilyn manson * maxi The fight song 4
Marilyn manson * maxi tourniquet
Marilyn manson * maxi Get your Gunn
My ruin * A prayer under pressure of ...
My Ruin * Speak & Destroy


Nirvana *from the muddy banks of the wiskah
Nine inch nails * The downward spiral
Nine inch nails * Things falling apart
Nine inch nails * Broken


Orgy * Candyass
Orgy *Vapor transmission
Osdorp posse * osdorp stijl


Placebo * Placebo
Placebo * Without you i'm nothing
Placebo * Blackmarket music
Placebo * Maxi Special k
the Prodigy *the fat of the land
Planet geek * unanswered
Papa roach * infest


E. Rombley *thuis
Rage against the machine *rage against the machine
Rocksound *vol. 9,10,12,14,17,20,21
Rammstein *Sehnsucht
Rammstein *Live aus berlin
Rammstein *Mutter
Rachel stamp *everything on mp3 (albums not available near here)


Sepultura *arise
Sepultura *Roots
Sepultura *bloodrooted
Soulfly *soulfly
Slipknot *slipknot
Silverchair *frogstomp
Silverchair *freakshow
Silverchair *neon ballroom
Spineshank * the height of callousness
Spineshank * Strictly diesel

*~* Z *~*